Sunday, September 26, 2010

Completed underpainting of rural CT landscape with tractor

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Above is the completed underpainting in Quinacridone Magenta,  on a prepared panel of my newest painting tentatively titled “Orange MMZ in morning light”.  MMZ stands for Minnesota Moline Z and I really don’t know anything else about this tractor.  I photographed this machine at a tractor fair last August in Durham, CT.  It was meticulously restored and gleaming orange-yellow in the morning sun with giant rear tires and red wheels.  The loving attention to detail and craftsmanship struck me immediately -- an artist was at work here.

I continued with my usual process of drawing and painting with a brush (a couple of different sizes), lots of OMS and wiping out light areas with a rag, where necessary.  Like the drawing (see my earlier post), the underpainting is a very important part of my process, the foundation and road map upon which everything else will follow.  I really take my time with this.  If I nail down the drawing then I feel quite confident I can get to the next step, the underpainting; if I nail that down as well, I KNOW there will be no problems throughout the rest of the process.

While finishing the underpainting, I listened to Peter Tosh “Wanted Dread & Alive”, recorded in 1981and issued by Capitol-EMI.  One hears poetry here -- emotions animated by magic and religion -- and the volume and intensity of Tosh’s anger.  It rocks to a beautiful driving bass/drum/guitar reggae beat by Robbie Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar’s band and all the tunes are keepers except for the awful disco-influenced "Nothing But Love” duet with American singer Gwen Guthrie.  Check out "Rastafari Is" -- a Rastafarian chant in the vein of the Wailers.  After an illustrious career with The Wailers and as a solo musician, Tosh was murdered at his home during a robbery.

I’m on to the overpainting next, which I will do mostly direct paint in several sessions with a bit of glaze and scumble as necessary, and just because I like to vary and mix technqiues up a bit.

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