Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Drawing of rural CT landscape with tractor, on mounted linen panel by Paul Baldassini

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On my last post I discussed and illustrated how I go about creating a source image for a painting, normally a large studio work.  That final reference image for the new panting tentatively titled “Yellow MMZ in morning light” is below.  I’m ready to begin the new work and today I’ve taken the first step in my working process, getting the drawing on the panel.  I’ve prepared a mounted linen on panel in my customary manner.  You can read more about that in greater detail on my website at

Reference image for new painting
I like to listen to music when I’m working -- it really gets me into the painting zone fast.  This morning I listened to John Mayall’s “The Turning Point”.  Originally recorded in July 1969 at Bill Graham’s Fillmore East and engineered by Eddie Kramer, the 2001 reissue from Universal Records has been exceptionally remastered and includes 3 new tracks unavailable on the original vinyl or early CD release. Especially nice is the new “Sleeping by her Side.”  The beautiful early morning sunlight coming in the studio doors and the superb musical set really set the mood for the morning.

With my post-image production done, I convert the image to grayscale using the Channel Mixer function and/or channel-blending operations (more info on that in a previous post).  The grayscale image is then scaled up to actual size and output to lightweight presentation paper on a large format inkjet printer. The print is then trimmed and attached to my panel with a large piece of Sally’s Graphite Transfer Paper sandwiched in between.  I then trace the essential lines and shapes with a red ballpoint pen and my drawing is nicely transferred to the panel and ready to be underpainted.  The drawing is shown below.  Note that I have purposely darkened the image so it will display better on the post.

Drawing on linen mounted panel

More in-progress action on the next post.

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