Friday, September 24, 2010

Field study CT farm landscape with bull, oil on mounted linen by Paul Baldassini

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Field study "Best Friends"  9 x 12 oil on mounted linen -- $150

Since I was unable to complete the underpainting for my new work this morning I am posting a recent field study instead. If I get a chance to paint today and complete the underpainitng I wil post it later or tomorrow. This work is entitled "Best Friends" and was painted en plein air at a local farm here in CT. Like most of the farm owners I've met in and around CT, they are very generous in allowing me access to their property and don't seem to mind me composing and snapping images while they work, or me painting out in their fields. It was very hot and the the bulls were very lazy and passive like big black shiny lumps on the ground in the morning light. I had to work rather quickly and made some adjustments later back at the studio which I usually try not do. I prefer to let the field studios stand alone as they were painted, good or bad but really felt that this sone needed some refinements.

My palette for this piece included Cadmium Yellow Medium (Rembrandt); Cadmium Orange (Winsor newton); Fanchon (Napthol) Red (Williamsburg); Perylene Crimson (Williamsburg); Burnt Sienna Deep (Blockx); Viridian (Williamsburg); Ultramarine Blue French (Williamsburg); Indigo (Williamsburg) and Titanium Zinc White (Gamblin). I don’t use any medium when painting outdoors and keep my OMS in an 8oz. Anderson Stainless Steel Airtight Brush Washer. My field kit is an Easy L Versa horizontal pochade box, tripod, and umbrella from Artwork Essentials. I modified the inside of the box by fitting a piece of photo-gray matte board to the bottom over which a piece of 3/16-inch glass has been fitted and caulked with clear solvent-resistant caulking. This makes nice large mixing area and perfectly mimics the ergonomics of my studio set-up.

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