Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finished realist CT farm landscape, oil on mounted linen by Paul Baldassini

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Hay Tedder completed painting

Here is the Hay Tedder painting completed after the last stage of overpainting.  Once the painting had dried out in the sun for a day, I brought it back into the studio and placed it back up on the easel.  After a couple of days I had a look with fresh eyes and it became immediately apparent that a few things were bothering me and some adjustments were in order.  I put out a bit of fresh paint and finessed a bit here, a bit there, glazed some areas that were too light and applied some highlights here and there with thicker paint.  Changed a few hues and values, signed it and called it quits.  One could noodle a painting to death -- its important to know when to stop.  The painting will tell you when its done.

After two weeks (minimum) or longer I applied two coats of Old Masters Mastic Varnish which brought the whole painting to life and now it just needs to be framed.

I will most likely do a couple of field studies before beginning my next large studio work and will post them here, so please visit again.

Until my next post, then.  Thank-you.


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