Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Red & gray Ford tractor in landscape underpainting; oil on panel by Paul Baldassini

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Here is the completed underpainting, in Quinacridone Magenta (Sennelier) oil on 1/2-inch MDF panel, sealed and primed with one coat of Latex exterior white housepaint and two coats of Gamblin Oil Painting Ground. Trim size is 33 1/2 x 24 inches.

I continued working my way down, pickle jar full of OMS, a big glob of Quin Magenta on my palette, and a rag in my left hand. I thinned out the paint as necessary laying in tone and wiping out, much like the way I would paint a watercolor. After all of the up close detail work with smaller brushes, it was fun to work the foreground grasses nice and loose using a larger brush and holding it way back at the end of the handle. Total time was about 8 hours. I’ll start the overpainting next and as long I stay true to the values of the underpainting with my color mixing, there should be no problems. But before I start that the underpainting needs to dry for a several days, at the very least.

For this last painting session I listened to more of the Fleetwood Mac  Live at the Boston Tea Party   3-CD set recorded in February 1970 as well as Lou Reed’s   Live in Italy  recorded during the 1983 tour. Great band on that tour btw, featuring Robert Quine’s psychotic lead guitar.

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