Friday, November 11, 2011

Yellow MMZ; in-progress oil on panel by Paul Baldassini

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Here’s a shot of the painting in-progress to date with tires and wheels completed and only the foreground field and grasses left to paint.    I’ve spent 59 hours on this new work.

The tire mixtures began as a puddle of “black” mixed from Indigo, Perylene Crimson and Burnt Sienna Dark.  Makes a nice rich black and is easily modulated warm or cool with the addition of more or less of one of those colors.  Sometimes I add Ultramarine Blue Deep or a touch of Raw Sienna but I never really know when or why, and just try it and see if it works with the overall harmony of convincing outdoor light of the painting.  This black is lightened by adding Warm Gray and warmed or cooled as necessary by the addition of either Ultramarine Blue Deep or Indigo.

The wheels are painted with a mixture of Fanchon (Napthol Red) and Perylene Crimson.  I grab from this starter pile and add, as necessary, in smaller piles Cadmium Yellow Deep, Warm Grey and Chinese Orange.  For highlights I might mix up some Quinacridone Magenta, a touch of Ultramarine Blue Deep and white.

Somehow it all comes together and when I am convinced that it looks like tires and wheels in harmony with the overall lighting scheme of the composition, I stop and call it a day.  After a day or two of drying and with a fresh eye, I go in and glaze and scumble as necessary to add additional highlights, deepen shadows or whatever to enhance the illusion of realism.

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