Monday, August 22, 2011

John Deere 2640; oil on panel by Paul Baldassini

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“There is no difficulty in painting detail — the real difficulty lies in getting the truth of tone and tint.”  
— John Collier, 1850-1934

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Here is the completed painting, 53 hours work total.  As I’ve noted before I try not to overpaint any previously painted areas.  But it so happens that every now and then some changes need to be made.  This always happens towards the end of the painting of after the work is “completed.”  Values or colors that seemed right at the time just don’t work when as the painting nears completion and things need to be tweaked here and there.  After looking with fresh eyes a day or two later, I was bothered by the front and rear wheels facing the viewer.  They were too saturated and too orange to I scumbled on some grayed down neutral mixtures of both shadow and body colors. I shifted the reflected light inside the    wheels shadows  to a slightly violet neutral which worked nicely with the neutralized yellows.  When everything looked right, I went back in and hit the mid-tones with some saturated yellows and yellow-oranges and introduced a bit of reflected grass greens into the top inside edges of the rims.  I liked it and put the brushes down. The painting was done.

So the lesson learned on this one was that during the time I spent on this painting I discovered a most useful color and exceptional mixer, Cadmium Yellow Deep, which is now a permanent addition to my palette.  Also, I have replaced my  Willamsburg French Ultramarine with Holbien Ultramarine Blue Deep.

Here's the current line-up: arranged along top edge of my palette from left to right they are: Cadmium Yellow Lemon (Rembrandt); Cadmium Yellow Medium (Rembrandt); Cadmium Yellow Deep (Holbien); Raw Sienna (Williamsburg); Chinese Orange (Sennelier); Fanchon (Napthol) Red (Williamsburg); Quinacridone Magenta (Sennelier); Perylene Crimson (Williamsburg); Burnt Sienna Deep (Blockx); Viridian (Williamsburg); Ultramarine Blue Deep (Holbien); Indigo (Williamsburg); Warm Grey (Sennelier); Titanium Zinc White (Gamblin).

And with that, I’m already onto the next one.