Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yellow MMZ; completed oil on panel by Paul Baldassini

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“Art that does not attempt the impossible is not performing its function.”  — W.B. Yeats

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Here is the completed painting, a total of 62 hours, the most time I’ve spent on a painting in this series so far.  But it’s definitely a keeper and I’m looking forward to seeing it framed.

The foreground grasses began as a glaze coat mixed from a base mixture of Indigo (Williamsburg), Chinese Orange (Sennelier), a bit of Viridian (Williamsburg) and a bit of Warm Grey (Sennelier).  With a lot of jelly medium added (Old Masters Maroger, Flemish Formula) to a pile of mixed color, I brushed this on using a Monarch Flat No. 8, and switched to smaller brush around the tires.

While that coat was setting and starting to get a bit tacky I mixed up lots of small piles of warm and cool greens in various values as necessary to match the value plan of the underpainting.  All of the colors were grayed down with Warm Grey and/or Raw Sienna. To create the illusion of lots of field grasses, I added some detail grasses here and there with progressively smaller Filbert brushes.  The whole thing came together pretty quickly in less than 3 hours.  Its the most fun part of the painting as I can stay pretty loose compared to all of the steadiness required on the tractor mechanics.  The next morning I examined the painting with a fresh eye and a fresh cup of coffee in hand.  After a bit of fiddling and diddling, I knew it was done.  After a few days of drying I signed it and immediately went on to prepare panels for the next two paintings.

btw:  I am now a Member of the Lyme Art Association after having two paintings accepted recently into their “Deck the Walls” holiday show.  The two paintings are titled The Hay Tedder and Study in Red & Gray.