Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ten peppers — oil on panel in-progress by Paul Baldassini

“The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real.”    — Lucian Freud

To secure this Baldassini original contemporary realist artwork  for your collection please call 860-638-0890 today.  Or visit my website to view other works in the series.

Above are two stages of a new work in-progress (“Ten peppers”). This work is smaller than my usual 24-inch high panel at 21 3/4 x 15 1/2 inches.

Its an interesting composition, a riot of colored peppers some in various stages of turning from green to orange to red. I styled the composition outside in intensely bright early morning with raking shadows. The peppers are from local farmer's markets and/or the local Stop & Shop. The linens and bowl are from my home collection of kitchen stuff.

Once again my palette is unchanged (you can read about it in detail in other Blog posts or on my website Q&A page).  It is a predominantly warm palette, and I can mix every color I need with this palette.

About 10 hours to date.