Sunday, June 22, 2014

“White and Yellow Roses” — completed painting by Paul Baldassini

“For most people, art is only valuable if other people say it is; and artists are only worthwhile if they are either rich and famous, or dead.” — Wayne Gerard Trotman

To secure this Baldassini original artwork  for your collection please call 860-638-0890 today.  Or visit my website to view other works in this series and other series.

Here is the completed painting, "White and Yellow Roses".  It measures 32 1/4 wide x 24 inches high.  I'm very pleased with the way the came out and plan on making several more works at least, of roses.  I'll post the work-in-progress a new one very soon.  With renewed confidence, I feel its about time to step-up my marketing efforts.  Its really been an education learning how to navigate the art market waters since I started painting in oils again 5 years ago.  I am hoping that the floral paintings will bring about a change in fine art gallery perception of me and my work and perhaps I might even get to make a presentation or two.

A very dear friend of mine who regularly visits my Facebook Page suggested that I make a time lapse animation of my new work-in-progress to see and appreciate the evolution of the painting.  A great idea!  So I made a test animation using Photoshop's animation frames feature and after some fiddling and diddling with "tweening" and the fade durations I made my first in-progress animation, posted above.  Its actually very easy to do -- its a shame you can't post animated .gifs on Facebook.  I think this is so cool I'm going to make a slideshow out all my recent work as I always record my paintings in-progress.  Click on the bottom image above to watch the time lapse at larger size.

Let me know what you think.

Paul Baldassini